Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Little Bone

What a marvel is our body! We have 208 bones in all. When one little foot bone is stressed or fractured, it can keep us off our feet, as my hubby has been learning. Such a small part, and so important.

When one part can't function, everything else is compromised. So all the other bones, and muscles lean toward it, and make new arrangements to help.

The hands touch it, and give it ice and heat. The knees bend so it can be elevated or immobile. The mouth relates the story to the doctor, so he can prescribe treatment. The neck turns to find other alternatives to activity and industry. There is a virtual concert of self-care that is automatic, not to mention the emotional, and psychological nurturing that happens whenever we have an injury.

So, let the nursing begin. As he's heard me say before, "You only have two feet, and you need both of them, so take care of yourself." I think he's listening. The ears are helping, too.

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