Thursday, October 20, 2011

Change; the Great Constant

Imagine a world where nothing ever changed. The leaves on every tree remained, and fruits grew year round with no budding, no emptying harvest. No new people were born, and the people on earth just stuck around because they never aged. What if perpetual even temperature ruled, with no fluctuation in weather?

Utopia? Or nightmare?

I personally am bored without change.

And I'm simultaneously traumatized by it. This past season has brought the unexpected death of several men in the prime of life, both in the public eye, and in my private acquaintance. This kind of change is horrifying, and sobering. But, it also allows an opportunity to peer into the unknown with greater interest, and to view a life in its totality.

The death of Steve Jobs opened a door of appreciation for the man and his contribution to the world that made his living image pale by comparison. The sadness of our loss remains, however, as change is always bittersweet. We cannot have something new without giving up something old. The concept of 'eternal exchange' entombs the idea of trade; tit for tat.

The revolving seasons, the daybreak and evening sunset remain as a pulsing reminder that we are still here. At any time unexpected change could occur, while everyday the comfort of daily and seasonal change lulls us through life like a child rocked by its mother.

I remain in wonder at the paradox.

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