Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good and Bad: In God's Hands

Life has been a swirl of change, good and bad as of late, and I have been somewhat remiss in not sharing it all with you, my adored readers!

First of all the bad news.

My hubby's foot pain (from dropping the pool filter on it) has mysteriously moved to the other foot and we now suspect he is suffering from gout. So in the middle of the injured foot getting better, the other foot began to give him excruciating pain. Remembering back to the evening with the magician, we realized he consumed not one but possibly more than three serious gout causing foods, and so the roller-coaster ride continues.

The disability check we were counting on for this week will be delayed because of a clerical error (not assigning blame anywhere here) and the weekend we were looking forward to in Napa will be just a little different than we imagined. That is of course, unless the foods and fluids which I've been researching on google and pumping into him will take effect and give a miracle cure.

Then last night, our daughter came home with the news that a steering column bolt had snapped off the van and she was barely able to drive it home. Thank goodness she had not been far from home at the time!

On to the other good news!

The faith lesson we've been attempting to extract out of this is a rich one. We'd just begun (again) to memorize and chapter of the Bible-Colossians 3, which begins with, "Since then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above.." and are learning just how to do that when one's problems are so, well...earthly! One way is to keep remembering that God has everything under control and it is only by trusting Him that we can have peace of any kind. We have had moments of every kind of emotion, as you can well imagine, but are determined that we are safely in His hands. No other view seems sane!

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