Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Weekend in Napa

We have successfully ensconced ourselves in the charming B&B in Napa that is our yearly retreat. What a refreshing blessing it is to get away from home and work responsibilities and just enjoy a few days together. Time seems to stand still for a while so we can catch our breath!

Our host and hostess spare nothing to make our stay comfortable and we are truly spoiled. We do have a bit of work to do (Jim plays piano, and I help facilitate) but the rest of the time is free. The other people that come each year to help along with a few new faces, are friendly and welcoming and the entire experience is a delight.

The weather is mild this year, and promises to continue so, although we heard the wind whipping around the corners of the hundred year old tudor mansion while we were snug in our bed last night.

The Historic Inns tour begins today and we are expecting 450 guests. We have checked in on our children, and are proud that they are managing well without us. After the roller-coaster ride of this year, we are so grateful to be at Cedar Gables Inn once again, and have this familiar place to re-charge for the coming year. Thanks to all of you who made it possible. Just in case you don't know who you are: Ken and Susie Pope, Lana, Emma, Clara, Janna, the good folks at Europa who fixed our van for a great price, Fed Ex (the provider of the $ to fix the van) and our Heavenly Father who orchestrated it all! Play on, Maestro! We are your instruments.

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