Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Counting Blessings

To my dear women friends who have a husband who loves them just the way they are,

We are blessed!

Even on our fattest, ugliest, worst-hair-days, they see us as beautiful. They still want to touch us, and they accept us even on the days when we feel our least attractive. We must  accept and cherish this with our whole heart. We must live in the moment. There is no other moment to claim. We have been given a tiny glimpse of our Heavenly Father's limitless love for us. Our husbands are His instrument.

To my dear women friends who don't have a husband who loves them, or are single,

I can feel your pain, and yet, you are blessed. To you is given the rare and wonderful opportunity of crying out to the One who said "I will be a husband to you." The one who has invited you to His marriage supper, and loves you beyond human imagination.Your lack of a loving husband is His instrument too. He works all things for our ultimate good.

In whatever situation you find yourselves, if you look for God's blessings, you will find them. Go treasure hunting today for yours. And then let me know what you find. I'd love to hear from you.

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