Monday, November 21, 2011

Tom is In the Fridge

Yes, the bird is lying in state at the proper temperature.

The dough for the rolls lies near.

The potatoes are snug in their bag, not knowing the horrendous fate that awaits them.

The green beans are cylindrically challenged, and along with the french fried onions, the corn, cranberry sauce and yams repeat the theme. Soon, they will take their place as part of the supporting cast.

Pie crust, folded now, will unfold to bear pumpkin and pecans. Marshmallows and cool whip are in the wings. 

Around the table, not yet set,  are the chairs which will hold the extra weight put upon them in just three short days. And we trust they will hold us.

The question is:

Are we thankful enough to deserve such a feast?

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