Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sneak Preview

The following is an excerpt from my latest project:
Unearthing Tilly; A Horror Story of Unethical Proportions

Eric ran a shaking hand through his already tousled hair. Think, Eric, think! What would Grayson do?
It might be time to call his parents. It was the last thing he wanted to do, but he was running out of options. Dad could get them tickets to somewhere, and maybe help him think rationally through this nightmare.
Any phone call he made now would probably be tracked. He needed to find a phone.
The alley they’d ducked into was just off the main street of the college, and a Sysco Food truck was busily unloading into the Naan Bakery backdoor. Rialta slumped down on the cement in the shade as Eric mentally counted his options on one hand.  
“Stay here. If anyone comes – anyone – I want you to get up and come into the store. Don’t speak to anyone, got it? Our lives may depend upon it.”
He watched the dazed nod of her head, and keeping his eyes on her as he backed away,  he disappeared into the dark doorway, saluting the deliveryman who was on his way out with the empty dolly.
“You look like you could use a smoke.”  The man said as he glanced at Rialta.
She hesitated. That was exactly what she needed. A fellow kindred spirit!
“I sure could!” she answered against her better judgment.
She gathered what limp strength she had and stood up, walking toward the man as he reached in his pocket for a cigarette. He handed it to her, and then after patting down his side pants pocket unsuccessfully for a lighter, put up a finger and dove into the back of the truck.
The arms which reached around her were swift and strong. The tape suddenly placed over  her mouth was constricting and wet feeling. Her feet gave way as her arms were wrenched back uncomfortably behind her, and something tight bit into both wrists. She was dragged up and over the back of the delivery truck so that the friction of the movement burned the backs of her calves. Before the truck door closed, she saw Eric’s stricken look flash in the light of the doorway and then everything went black.

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