Sunday, January 6, 2013

Downton Abbey Speculation

Well, DA fans, it's two hours till the premier of season three, and since I viewed season two earlier this week I'm not taking advantage of the reruns playing all day today. So, instead of twiddling my thumbs while waiting, let me indulge in a little speculation.

The story of Bates is, of course, on nail-biting hold as he awaits the appeal of his murder sentence, just reprieved from a death sentence. I'm wondering if this wouldn't be an excellent time for Anna to show up pregnant, just to add a little fuel to the fire, and a bit of motivation for everyone to care even more.

Sybil's pregnancy may feature as well, but I think it'll be relegated to the background.

Thomas will, I predict, still be Thomas, and as the sneak preview suggests, do some thug-like threatening.

The marriage between Robert and Cora is not as strong as it was in the first season, and as Cora knows nothing of the brief liaison Robert had with housemaid, Jane, his guilt may continue to cause a strain, as may the arrival of the mother-in-law.

Matthew and Mary are, we presume still engaged, but their love affair never did run smoothly so I'm predicting we'll be still hanging over the cliff with that.

I'm hoping to see a lot of Thomas and O'Brien and perhaps hear some of their backstory as I believe the two of them create a dramatic tension that adds a great deal to the lush, privileged background of the primary family, and the compliant nature of the other servants.

Carson, I hope, will not have another health crisis. But if he does, the entire atmosphere of the upstairs and downstairs will change. Indeed, without Carson, the glue between the up and down cast wouldn't stick.

The roaring twenties are approaching, and I wonder just how much cultural change Granny can withstand, and how long she can continue to wear Edwardian clothing well into the twentieth century! Edith may well create a scandal all her own. I did catch an inkling of a change (for the worst) of family fortune, which would affect everyone.

One of my readers has made a  guess that Matthew will be killed in a car crash.  Goodness, that would be tragic!

Well, I've used up thirty minutes. Any other ideas while we're waiting? And please no spoilers if you've seen it already!!

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