Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Spending Leisure Time

Perhaps God knew that unless He legislated a day off every week, we humans would continue the endless treadmill of work and never take a break. In case you weren't aware, God did invent the weekend. It began with the Sabbath, and over the centuries morphed into Saturday and Sunday, the infamous weekend, of which most people use only the evening portion of said days to truly relax. The bulk of the time 'off' is used up in doing projects we never seem to get to during the 'work week'.

I'm a great fan of leisure. But I'm not without my own guilt when engaging in it. I suspect I'm not alone.

For example, during the Christmas vacation I enjoyed off with my children and my piano students (I didn't teach lessons for three weeks) I lay awake in bed each morning, justifying the delicious freedom to just lie there. Didn't I get up at six sharp every other morning? Didn't I keep a studio nearly full with students the other weeks of the year? Didn't I have a very busy week before the holidays? All of these deliberations ran through my mind, and it took me a couple days to stop the tape and just be thankful.

This morning I was full of thankfulness as I dozed off after getting up to make my husband a sandwich to take to work (alas he has less of a vacation than I). I relished the warm feeling under the covers, and the knowledge that no one would be expecting anything from me for the day. Well, at least until the dog got up, expecting her walk. That's leisure though, right?
And there is the kitchen, which expects to have her counters cleared at least once a day. And then, there is this Green Room, my ruminating space that I have neglected during all this leisure.

And so, I begin another day of leisure. Hope you're enjoying yours. Work will be back before we know it!

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