Monday, February 25, 2013

Writing Through the Fiction

For a writer whose primary work happens in the head first, it's a daunting task to get it to paper. Like the musician who 'hears' the notes he cannot reproduce, the experience is often frustrating. But, we soldier on. Never give up. Never stop writing, as my tumblr - prolific daughter proclaims.

So now I am toying with an author page with a Pseudonym, a form of self-promoting writing that feels so foreign and almost like writing fiction about myself. Who is this person I've pictured and described? What is this work she's selling? Another fabrication from my own pen/mouse/cursor. The manuscript isn't even edited, published or critiqued, and yet I have a critic. She is with me always.

And so,  we soldier on. On the outside chance that someone else might want to read what we have written. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and/or my new author page. It's immensely comforting. I haven't invited the public yet. My newborn authorskin is still sensitive. But you are friends, readers, fellow authors. Comments, suggestions welcome!

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