Monday, March 18, 2013

Discovering Another Part Of Me

I got a swedish massage last week. Seems the massage therapist noticed something I never realized.
"Did you have an injury to your left side?" She asked. "It seems as if you are guarding it. Most of the muscles are developed on your right side, but not your left."

Who knew? I'd had a rather traumatic laceration on my left pointer finger (you can see me holding it up here in the picture) at age two which required a cast up to the elbow. As a result I have a 'funny finger' as I explain it to my piano students. One of them has a similar injury, incidentally. Thankful I still have full use of it, I've never considered it any kind of handicap. Until now. It's possible that it has hindered the full use of my left side. As most ailments seem to center on the left for me this is nothing new. I've got a bum left knee and ankle, and my left shoulder is limited in it's mobility. My left eye has the worst astigmatism and near-sightedness and only my left ear gets seasonal congestion. I'm a walking, listing one-sided wonder!

So, I've been using my left hand and arm more often for things I have traditionally relegated to the right side. It works! I have a whole side that has been underused. It also explains my weird roller skating stride.

How could a grown woman not realize this until now? I feel like half a new person!

Have you ever rediscovered a part of yourself? How did you discover it, and what are you doing to develop it?

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