Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Day for Remembering: Memorial Day

I put my American flag out today. Among the many reasons I did this are these:

I firmly believe in the American dream, that all humans are created in a state of equality  regarding their inherent worth and value, and that each individual should be able to live in an environment where they can strive to realize their own personal dream.

I am the daughter of a veteran. I am the sister of an active service member who is home on leave, and had to wait till today to enjoy his Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with the family.

I am the recipient of personal freedom and enjoy the right to vote, to worship, to publish my own material, and to conduct business with the absolute certainty that my country will protect my right to do so.

I happen to feel that most of my representatives are hard-working conscientious (though humanly fallible) beings who are doing the best they can to make the 'American Experiment' successful.

Tomorrow is a national holiday commemorating the men and women who died serving and protecting all that I hold dear as an American citizen and I want to show my support and respect for them.. 

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