Sunday, May 26, 2013

On Walking

I've been walking with my faithful dog, Sara, nearly everyday for six plus months now.

Things I've learned on my walks:

Other people walk too.
There are other dogs.
I like my dog best.
It takes a while to go a mile.
It feels all tingly when we stop for Sara to do her business.
I assume that walking is rejuvenating every cell in my body.
It feels good, especially after the second round of the park.
Sometimes my feet hurt, but they feel better later.
Most days the weather is absolutely fantastic in Modesto at 7:00 am.
The sun comes up over the park every morning whether I'm there or not.
Not everyone thinks walking is the best exercise.
Some people do Tai Chi, which looks like slow motion, every morning in funny clothes to interesting music.
Other people's yard get weeds, too.
Some people's yards look better than mine.
I like my house best.

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