Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SALT Burns


I wasn't expecting Angelina Jolie's performance in SALT because I have to confess I've never seen her in a movie before. Yep. My impression of the Lips is limited to magazine covers that explore (read exploit) her motherly side and her relationship with everyone's sweetheart, Brad Pitt.

Enter the kick-boxing, vengeance-ridden female of the Spyworld!

As a baby boomer, I grew up in the Soviet shadow, hiding under my desk during imaginary air raids, staring at the radioactive triangle with horror, and wondering when Russia would take over the US.

I could read between the lines and surmise that the writers and producers of SALT were right under those desks with me. Fear takes a long time to dissipate, if it ever does, and I relived a few of my childhood nightmares just contemplating the premise of the movie.

Totally surprised me though when I walked in the door of my house and the kids hadn't cleaned up the kitchen to my specifications. I became Ev on super 'Estrosterone' and got them all moving. All that sitting in terror, tensed for the next big fight had to be unleashed somewhere.

So Mommy burned off a little energy. Well having kids will do that to you, apparently!

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