Monday, June 6, 2011

Upward and Onward

It's raining here at Stonehenge, too and has for centuries. Rain should be no surprise, huh?
It's been raining.

In fact, during a time when normally we'd be dry as bones and hot as chilies already, here in California we've brought out our winter things...again.

Spring has withheld it's grand entrance with a teaser, an aperitif of wet, and cloudy skies, unlike any other May and June I've lived through.

And a few drops of rain in the form of troubles have dropped on the Maris household as well. Mainly financial troubles. Hence, the earlier post about modifying our home loan(s).

But since the load of blessings we've received for the past 40-50 some years would fill a few hundred posts. I think I'll start on them. A certain blind poet once wrote:

"Count your many blessings, see what God hath done."

By anyone's standard, blindness is a heavy load of trouble. So I'm going to take Fanny's advice and start counting.

Praise precedes deliverance, so the saints say. I'll take that advice too. The next few posts here will be my attempt to recount the blessings the Maris family has been recipient of. Stay tuned, and feel free to offer a list of your own!

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