Friday, June 10, 2011

I Am Lost: day 5 of the Count Your Blessings Challenge

Since tomorrow is a very busy day, I'm posting this a day early on the day before. Come back on the 12th for day 6!

We moved when I was in the middle of the third grade, from a town of under 400 people in Newcastle, Nebraska, to Pasadena, California. It was a change.

For about three months we lived in a rental house, and I walked to school down a eucalyptus-lined street in the heat of a southern California autumn.

Then, we relocated to the central valley, to another small town where I walked to school again. This time it was just around a corner or two. Problem was, I couldn't remember which way to turn after I got out of school.

I couldn't ask anyone, because no one knew where I lived! I was new in town.

So...I did the only thing I knew to do. I prayed. I must have turned the right direction after that, because I got home all right.

In retrospect, it was a small crisis, but for a third grader, it was huge.

I have always looked back on this incident as a faith building moment. An eight year old's blessing.

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