Saturday, August 20, 2011

25 Years

In 25 years you can grow a large oak tree. Or establish a business. Or educate a child.

You can also decompose a plastic bag. Partially.

A lot can happen in a couple decades or so. Whether by accident or on purpose, patterns are built that reflect the activity that has gone on in that amount of time.

These days it's considered an accomplishment for a marriage to last for 25 years.

If that's the case my husband and I have made that accomplishment. When we said 'for better or worse' we had no idea what we were getting into. Who does?

And often our compatibility has been a combination of accident and on purpose.

To be honest it hasn't been that difficult to live with the same man for so long. I guess I'm blessed in a special way. But I wouldn't know. Because I'm not trying anyone else out to find out. This one suits me fine.

We're going for the big tree. The massive oak that shelters everything around it and has its roots so far in the ground the wildest storm would feel like a summer breeze.

Here's to another 25, or more!

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