Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Organized

Why does it seem I must get organized to get organized?

For a creative, the hardest thing is to prioritize drudgery and DO IT.

So, in order to make sense of my higgledy-piggledy system of 'storage', which translates to I have too much stuff sitting around without a proper place to put it, I must step back and analyze the problem on my blog. It's my way of looking at it critically.

Sometimes it helps me to look at the smudge on my glasses in order be able to clean them.

So here goes. My DO LIST:

Multiple media getting dusty. Must throw a lot out.
Recycling piling up. Must acquire more bins to hold it neatly and haul to recycle place.
Paperwork for several streams of work. Must establish a place to keep it, and labeling system.
School supplies backing up. Make space for new items.
New ideas bulging out of brain space. Must list in order of importance. invading time. Must set timer while on Pinterest.

Well that about does it. Except for:

Blogging becoming addicting. Must get off blogspot and go do boring cleanup!

See y'all when I've done some real work!

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