Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stephen King's 'salem's Lot a Juicy Read

I'm reading a vampire book.

Not my usual fare, but since it's Stephen King, I thought I'd read educationally.

So far I've noted the symbolism regarding religion, sacrifice, sin and atonement to be right up there. Surprising? Only if you don't believe those things don't drive every society on earth. Good is often afraid of evil. Evil laughs in the face of good. Good musters up it's courage and through confession, diligence and perseverance triumphs, but not without great cost. There is tragedy along the way. There are reluctant heroes, innocent victims and foolish busybodies whose unthinking blundering gets others hurt.

It is great storytelling. Did we expect less from the man who is the self-proclaimed Big Mac and Fries of the literary world? It's dripping-down-to-your-elbows-good.

Note: As soon as I get permission, I'll post an image of the book cover. 

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