Monday, September 10, 2012

Napoleon and Related Personalities

During the French Revolution the upper crust was removed from the loaf by Madame Guillotine in a senseless frenzy to purge France of a corrupt and out - of - touch Monarchy. Simultaneously, America, too was disdaining a Monarchical system that had held dozens of generations in its powerful grasp. It was the age of freedom.

How, then, did a little Italian man from Corsica manage to dupe the world into allowing him to crown himself Emperor of most of continental Europe, with a little help from the brute force of his 'Grand Army'. When he was finally exiled it is estimated that 5 million people, soldiers included, had been wiped out. Were the French, and all the world, blind?

There can only be one answer. Charisma. Bonaparte must have had it in boatloads.

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who can get pretty much whatever they want simply by force of a magnetic personality? This is a powerful tool, and as my daughter observed sagely, most people who have this facet to their personality should not get what they want.

Remember this when you go to the polls in November.

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