Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review and Book Giveaway: Update

 Didn't get any response on this great opportunity to win a free book! Gimme some love, readers! 

This day has been over 40 years in the making! My good friend is published, and I'm proud to offer this review and free copy of her book to one lucky commenter on this post! Winner will be announced Monday, September 17, 2012.

Terrorists have threatened the life of the president of the United States as he gives the keynote address at a college graduation. The president’s life is protected, but Aides and SSA discover that, despite heavy security, one of the operatives was killed with high-powered weapons at the site. Meanwhile, in Europe, a threat has been made to international French pop star Charm Dumotte, whisking Interpol into action, as the two incidents appear to be related.

Enter the world of imaginative author Debbie G. Brownfield as she weaves a globally inspired story of suspense, danger and, inevitably, love. The characters are larger than life, and numerous enough to warrant a helpful family tree graphic. Scenes of intrigue are interspersed with the flavor of friends and family having a good time, while dodging the perils of life in the 21st century. Debbie is my childhood friend, and this is exactly how I remember my times with her! Let Secrets of the Enemy take you into its own world!


Scott Carpenter said...

This sounds like a book I might be interested in! Friends, family tree, perils of life and suspense... who could ask for more? Okay... a pumpkin spiced latte by a crackling fire would finish it off quite nicely. Congratulations Debbie! Nice review, Amy.

Amy Maris said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Scott! You provide the latte, and I'll send you the book. Send your mailing address to and it's yours!