Friday, January 24, 2014


By now most everyone knows about the massive troop draw down in Afghanistan. Whether it will be complete, or partial as has recently been recommended, a lot of military personnel will find themselves in Romania soon.

As Providence would have it, my baby brother, Dan Hamilton's chaplaincy in Bamburg, Germany has been chosen to set up the chapel in the new base in Romania. (Yes, that's Romania, as in the home of Dracula's Transylvania.) He and his crew (not sure how many) will be setting up what he's calling a FREE X, in the absence of a PX. 

Thousands of field weary troops will soon be descending on this new facility (in the process of  being built). Word is they're in need of (among other things) a change of socks. He's also asked for candies of all kinds. I'll be betting the nearest See's is afar off. Another plan is for regular movie nights (Redbox hasn't gotten to Romania yet) so used DVD's will come in handy.

Chances are you know someone who has a loved one in Afghanistan, and if so, consider giving a gift of support if you're able. If you live  in the Modesto, California area here are the drop-off locations for white athletic socks size 10-13 (higher top rather than low top because they wear boots). We'll post again soon for candy and DVD donations.
Community Business College 3800 McHenry Ave
Maris Media Productions 2521 Willow Oak Ct, Modesto Ca,95355
Veteran's Services 121 Downey Avenue
Any monetary gifts can be sent to me, (the Willow Oak Ct location is my address) and 100% of the money you send will go to buy socks or candy for the troops in Romania. We will take care of postage.

You can like us here on facebook and see regular updates. Thanks ahead of time to all of you for your generosity!

Amy Maris

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