Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Unlikely Tryst

Between the hurry and flurry of the holidays and the unfolding of spring there is a no mans land of dead winter.
In that time we feel restless. Something is coming but in the meantime we must get on with the business of life, often without much daylight in which to do it. 
Even in sunny California, where the sun rules most days, the dead trees and cold dark nights hold us in the grasp of a paralyzingly pose between the old and the new year which has not yet unfolded most of it's wonders or bewilderments.
Here we must agree to the handshake of the in between. 
All the while the beauty of blossom and leaf lies hidden, yet growing. 
It is a dance of opposites, and we are in the middle of the dance floor, being led by fate.

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