Saturday, January 25, 2014

World News From My Perspective

Disclaimer: I get most of my news from the internet and the rest from my family and friends.

I have an eclectic view of the world, and so do you. We simply can't help it. Everyone has a vanishing point, and due to the nature of perspective, it cannot be the same for any two people.

From my vantage  point, Afghanistan is losing several thousand troops and may face a tough transition. But then Afghanistan is no stranger to tough times. Does anyone know what's going on in Iraq (besides constant bombings)?Africa is not exactly fulfilling all of Mandela's dreams (yet).The Ukraine is streaming live video of what must be the longest continuing protest in history (unless you count France's ongoing protest against morality) over the government's involvement or lack of such in the European Union, while Germany is playing big brother (big sister, if you will) to the other members of the EU, and still manages to lead economically around the world. Egypt is just happy, for a change, that the  attention is diverted elsewhere, and it can make plenty of money on those sheets that cost twice as much if they're 'Egyptian cotton'. China (if we're talking economics, we can't leave out China) holds the biggest note from the US, who is making a slow comeback in financial matters, and absolutely can't seem to find a way  to keep random citizens from shooting strangers in public. Russia is simply too big and confusing to get my head around, especially now that Mr.Snowden is in exile(?) there. I think Russia is my vanishing point. By the way, China makes laws to keep the population down, and the US just legalizes abortion. Is there a difference in outcome? Due to the high price charged  to US in Kyrgystan, (where, let's face it peace doesn't exactly run rampant) Romania is soon to be the new host to most of those troops coming from Afghanistan, but is experiencing a shake-up due to a failure in the newly rolled out (and very expensive) overhaul of their national emergency system (similar to our 911).

In a nutshell: Afghanistan can't manage inner conflict, US steps in to divert attention from its money and family troubles, Germany props up everyone else, while China lends money to make money, but is very private about its own woes. Kyrgystan licks wounds over losing the American account by doubling rent. Romania isn't really ready, but then GI's don't need much. Did I leave someone out? I did leave a lot out, but I warned you this would be eclectic. Besides the rat infested ship drifting dangerously close to Ireland, there's relative calm in the UK.They have Downton Abbey and Sherlock. That's enough drama for one country.

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