Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bridge: Day 8 of the Count Your Blessings Challenge

The year is 1970. I am twelve.

Joplin and Hendrix overdose, and the Beatles disband. Richard Nixon is President and Simon and Garfunkel aptly release Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

But all was quiet in my secluded home in central California.

We moved. Again. This time we landed in the Sacramento area and I attended a private, christian school.

I didn't listen to the Beatles, and I didn't know who Jimi Hendrix was.

But the really important thing was, that while the world was whirling with political scandal, unrest over war, and social upheaval, in my home we were memorizing the oldest book of all time, the Bible. Whether in VBS or Sunday School, regular school. or at home, the scripture and it's truth dominated my life. 

And whenever I need it, it's there, in my head, the words written by the real 'Bridge' over troubled waters. He is over my troubled waters right now, for there are many.

I am thankful.

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