Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Avoid A Nasty Train Wreck: Day 9 of the Count Your Blessings Challenge

After years of living in either parsonages, rentals, or older homes my parents purchased their first-ever brand new house. We chose the carpet, the colors for our rooms. It was amazing.

In the spring of that year, we received a notice of immediate evacuation, as a train filled with bombs had caught fire nearby, and the bombs were still exploding. We left our home thinking perhaps it would be demolished and we'd never see it again. A historical account of military mishaps records the following:

April 1973- A railroad accident draws the Navy's attention to the hazards caused by fires and sensitive munitions. A train loaded with bombs had just entered the yard in Roseville, CA, when a fire was observed in one of the boxcars. Before the fire department could react, a massive explosion demolished the boxcar and spread the fire.
In the next few hours, 18 boxcars exploded in succession. There were no fatalities in this accident, but 48 people were injured and property damage totaled $24 Million.

Thankfully, when we returned home, our property was unscathed. Another blessing.

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