Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 7 of the Count Your Blessings Challenge

Seven is a perfect
number we are told
let's be more like seven
before we get too old...

Are you humming along? If so, you remember this ditty from your childhood, like I do.

We sang and listened to music regularly in my home, and by the time I was twelve, I had taught myself to read music and play the piano. No matter how often we moved there was almost always a piano in our home. I had the 'benefit' of not having lessons until later, so all the playing I did was for pleasure.

Playing for church developed my ability further, although I cringe at the poor quality of accompaniment the congregation had to put up with at first. I studied music in college, began teaching piano, and married a pianist.  Together we have taught and performed music for the last thirty years. As a result, I estimate approximately a hundred more people are musically literate, and thousands have been blessed by my husband's intuitive and gentle touch on the keys.

My father was a composer and wrote many songs throughout his lifetime. My siblings all learned to play an instrument as well. My mother has a lovely voice, and sung constantly during my childhood. She still sings throughout her day.

Music literacy is a rich blessing!

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