Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 2: Things That Grow

This morning I enjoyed beans from the coffee plant, grown far from here in mountainous regions at optimum temperatures, picked, roasted and ground at their peak, brewed in scalding hot water, at just the time I had scheduled my coffeemaker to turn on.

With my coffee I had nutty, rich buckwheat pancakes from golden grain grown in a sunny field, harvested, threshed, and ground to a fine flour, mixed with oil, pressed from the tiny kernel of beautiful yellow sunflowers. I poured over them maple syrup, made from sugar extracted from green, willowy canes, and flavored with maple which dripped from the bark of a hardwood tree in the frigid early spring of the year.

All this, for pennies, I found in the various storage areas of my kitchen, the product of several seasons of labor. I made it in minutes.

I am so thankful for all things growing, and the people who tend and harvest them!

What about you?

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