Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 3: Say It

Being grateful is a choice.

A little like love. It's nice to feel grateful, but being grateful is a higher option.

Saying "thank-you" to your husband or wife for the things they do for you every day can really put oil into the relationship.

Have you thanked your parents for their input, and sacrifice into your life? How about your boss? He or she provides work and a paycheck.

Here are some templates for you to use if you're feeling shy or tongue-twisted about thanking someone:

"I really appreciate the way you___________________________."

"Thanks for making it possible for me to______________________."

"I'm really grateful for your_________________________________."

"____________________has been a big blessing to me. Thanks!"

You probably won't have to say anything else, because your recipient's jaw might drop in silence.

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