Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Review for a free book I picked up on the street in Santa Cruz compliments of Campus Crusade for Christ

Imaginary Jesus

By Matt Mikalatos

At first glance this book appears frivolous. It is anything but.

Mr. Mikalatos tells the story of a very personal experience with pain and suffering, and adds in a touch of fantasy to expose the rather human tendency to craft a Jesus of his own imagination.

Some of the “Jesuses’ that appear in the book are Political Jesus, King James Jesus  and Testosterone Jesus. As the story progresses, Mike realizes that his view of Jesus is, among other things, rooted in a feeling of anger he harbors over a grief in his life.

After several time-traveling adventures with a talking donkey, he discovers, finally, the compassion and love of the real Jesus in the depths of a labyrinth during a communion service that begins with just him and God. Others, witnesses of the sacrificial love of Jesus join him in encouragement and admonition.

I read the final chapter in tears as Mikalatos had touched the depths of the most poignant issues of my faith.

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