Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Life-Unplugged: Day 13 of the Count Your Blessings Challenge

I was a teen during the seventies, and a young adult during the eighties.

My children sometimes idolize these decades and long to imitate them. It's funny, really. When you consider that there was no internet, no cell phones, it seems they were almost the dark ages for communication. They wouldn't have survived, given the action on the computer and cell phone I observe in their daily lives.

It was a blessing NOT to have internet and cell phones, because these things, lovely and convenient as they are,  take time and money that I wouldn't have been able to afford. Come to think of it, I can hardly afford them now! Sometimes, too, they can distort or obstruct real personal communication.

So the blessing? Knowing what it's like to have to write a letter, speak in person, and speak on the phone (only if I was home) to get to know someone else. I consider myself very old fashioned, and blessed.

But I'm certainly happy to live in 2011 with all it's benefits.  Perhaps that's why I appreciate them more!

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