Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bundle 3 of 4: Day 22 of the Count Your Blessings Challenge

Bundle number 3 came bouncing into the girls party we were already having and never has there been a more even-tempered child! I imagine (with some pride) that this was what I was like as a child.

At over 8 pounds, this daughter came hearty and ready for fun. By this time, the early parenting jitters were long gone and we passed many days in pure enjoyment. Okay, there was another pile of laundry to wash...another one to diaper, but looking back, I remember it being pure fun! I began to think that raising girls was my lot in life. I was up for it, that's for sure. When number three came I was again secretly happy to have another daughter! As for my husband, he was raised with one brother and four sisters, so he was very comfortable being surrounded by girls. There was a lot of pink, and there were many 'tea parties'.

Over the past few years, her drawing and photography masterpieces have rather silently appeared all over the house.

Sample of her photography
My third daughter will be hard pressed to ever make an enemy. We have relied on her peacemaking skills many times. She has a knack for seeing both sides with compassion. She exudes grace, but has enough humility to be the first to argue that. 

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