Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bundle 4 of 4: Day 23 of the Count Your Blessings Challenge

Bundle 4 came in a hurry. More like a cannonball.

We nestled her among the nest of other females, and again, secretly I was glad to have another girl! I was right. It is my lot in life to raise girls! 
If only this frame was big enough to capture all her friends!

Twenty two months after the third girl it was almost like having twins.  However, our fourth daughter is definitely her own person and is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn't take much lying down.  She has opinions, and she will give them to you in whatever dramatic character catches her fancy at the moment.Capturing her in a blog post is most challenging!

Always the social butterfly, she makes friends easily and lives by the motto that you can never have too many friends. She has a creative flair for putting an outfit together (and accessorizing) for next to nothing. Her purse collection is taking over her room as I write.

She can be seen in front of the mirror either doing her own hair or someone else's (usually mine) much of the time. When she's not in front of the mirror, she's probably on facebook or watching some sappy show about people giving away houses and stuff. For all her outward strength, she's a sucker for that sort of thing. The sound of her singing through the house is a common delight.

She has too many interests to pick just one, but someday, she might just change your world. Goodness knows she has enough determination!

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