Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Am a Housewife: Day 24 of the Count Your Blessings Challenge

I was privileged to be able to stay home with my girls as they were growing up. I realize this is a rare privilege, and although we didn't have lots of money, I did have lots of time.

Back then, I had friends who juggled job and home, and some who didn't. I felt guilty sometimes for being able to spend time with my kids when others couldn't. I'm sure guilt is an easily accessible emotion, and we can tap into it whenever we aren't focusing on healthier thoughts. The friends I was using to feel guilt were probably using me to fuel their own.

Anyway, the end result for me has been lots of great memories with my girls. I could never trade them for a 'secure future' or a better wardrobe (although longing for new clothes is one of my besetting sins!)

We read books, we did 'science experiments' (have you ever made goop?-we made it a hundred times) we took walks to the park, and naps that sometimes included the entire household. We went to the library, to the aquarium, we had fish and turtles, and birds, and more fish, and cats, and sea monkeys. Then more naps, more books, dress-up and tea parties. We watched girly movies, played endless marathons of house and Barbies. We went camping and to the beach. We sewed pillows, and painted and drew masterpieces. I cleaned house every Friday, with or without their 'help'. The blessing of those memories is priceless.

And then we got a computer.

Nothing has ever been quite the same since.

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